Cindy Cooper

My name is Cindy Cooper. My motto is “Love what you do and do what you love”. Speaking as an artist, that is an easy thing to do. With a degree in visual communications, I have had the pleasure of following my passion for 20 years as a teacher and professional artist.

Teaching art goes much deeper than “making something pretty”. It is a way for students to express themselves, as well as, a way to build their self esteem and encourage them to try new things. While there is a right and wrong way to spell “elephant” and to add “2+2”, there is never a right or wrong way to paint what you feel. It is a wonderful feeling to know that whatever you create in art class won’t be wrong. I love the quote “What would attempt today if you knew you couldn’t fail?”. That is how we should embrace art. Try everything! If someone makes a mistake in my art class, we never throw our art away to start over. Being adaptable is such a huge skill to have in life and art can help teach kids that. When we mess up, we don’t quit or give up, we circle back around with a new plan. You can never fail in my classes. There is always room to grow, but there is never failure.

Everybody has the capability to learn. I believe, no matter how complex, everything can be broken down into easy to learn steps and the more senses we can engage during that process the better. 5 years ago I started my own business called Grow Your Mind Classes. In these classes, I teach science, health, cooking, geography and more all though art and hands on projects. Students love this engaging way of learning and look forward to a new experience each class.

In addition to being a teacher, I am also a professional muralist. I have painted children’s murals, toy boxes and canvases in both residential and commercial facilities for the past 20 years. There is nothing that brings a room to life like a band of swinging monkeys or an eight foot octopus painted on your wall.

When I am not teaching children or painting murals, I can be found helping others. I co-founded 2 non-profit programs in the Lake Norman area. The first program I co-founded 4 years ago with a first grade teacher at Torrence Creek Elementary School called SWAG (Students With A Goal) club. In this community service club we teach students to learn empathy through role playing activities that allow them to walk in the shoes of those less fortunate, thus allowing them to know their needs and assist them better. The second program I co-founded with a retired superintendent of schools. It is a job workshop program called Artistic Freedom through Caterpillar Ministries. During the workshop, we teach life skills and art to underserved women in Huntersville. This fall we will begin a one on one GED program with the ladies. Knowledge is power.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my love of art, teaching and humanity with your children. It is truly a pleasure to shape and inspire future generations.