Legeacy Leadership AcademyMarch 20, 2015

The Board of Trustees of Legacy Leadership Academy, a Cornelius, North Carolina-based group of servant leadership school advocates, announces the formation of a new, independent K-12 school that will serve the Lake Norman area.

Legacy Leadership Academy will be founded on Servant Leadership principles guided by proven Gallup Strengths-based talent development and Covey leadership development best practices. The Legacy school will utilize the high academic performance focused E.D. Hirsch Core Knowledge curriculum, as developed at the University of Virginia. Legacy Leadership Academy will open enrollment for its inaugural 2015-2016 school year for K-5 students on April 3, 2015. The Legacy school will add its middle school for students in grades 6-8 in its second academic year of 2016-2017. The Legacy Leadership Academy high school for grades 9-12 will be ready for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Legacy Leadership Academy is currently seeking highly motivated, heartfelt teachers and administrators for immediate hiring over the next 30 days.

Legacy Leadership Academy will announce it’s facility plans and location on April 3, 2015 via social and media channels. Parent meeting times and locations have been scheduled to share the vision for Legacy Leadership Academy and to answer questions from parents and community members. The dates, times, and places for these meetings can be found on the school’s website. For more information on Legacy Leadership Academy, Legacy academic and development plans as well as Legacy cost-efficient tuition structure, please visit us at www.legacylkn.org.

In order to assure a strong start to a high academic performance school, the Legacy Board of Trustees has retained the strategic support services of Banyan Strategics, a Cornelius, North Carolina-based school support services organization. Banyan Strategics provides and models best practices of Servant Leadership through proven Gallup and Covey based talent and leadership development for its K-12 client schools. As a Support Services Organization to K-12 chartered and independent schools, Banyan Strategics provides comprehensive leadership and organizational development, planning, start-up, financial, organizational, technology, and facility services that compliment the academic focus of charter and independent school leadership teams and their boards.

Through its core partners, Banyan Strategics has been serving charter and independent schools since 1996. Rick Walker, one of the three primary individuals who conceptualized the founding of Lake Norman Charter School in 1996, served as Founding Chairman of Lake Norman Charter School from 1996 through 2000. Mr. Walker now leads Banyan Strategics in a mentor role within the Banyan Strategics family. Banyan Strategics, through its core belief in developing the talents, gifts and unmet potential of K-12 students, has been able to strategically coach high academic outcomes within its client schools through its proven strengths-based, talent development approach to hiring, coaching and unleashing the potential of great, heartfelt teachers. Strengths-based, talent development-based leadership focuses on finding, developing and bringing out the best in each student, teacher, principal and board member of each holistic school community. Banyan Strategics provides proven, teacher-centric organizational models to its client schools where the schools maintain all direct leadership and management roles for their own respective success. Banyan Strategics, through its principals’ close association with Gallup Consulting for over 10 years and Stephen Covey for over 40 years makes Banyan Strategics uniquely qualified and seasoned in best organizational practices within education as well as broader organizational segments. (visit www.banyanstrategics.com for more information regarding the driving values and principles of Banyan Strategics.)

The Legacy Leadership Academy and Banyan Strategics are mutually driven by the holistic success of the students, parents, teachers and the overall school community in reaching their full potential. The prior successes of Banyan Strategics in developing servant leadership oriented schools since 1996 have been complimented with proven research-based Gallup and Covey best practices that most fully facilitate proven talent and leadership development. The Legacy Board of Trustees and Banyan Strategics mutually embrace the Stephen Covey premise that a great education is a heartfelt journey where life is best lived in crescendo. Covey provided various observations about personal crescendo as the constant upward spiral of personal aspiration, inspiration, diligence, confidence and trust in making life truly worthwhile. In concert with Banyan Strategics, the Legacy Board of Trustees, affirms its primary focus will be developing a heartfelt Crescendo Community. Life is Best Lived in Community Crescendo.

– Legacy Leadership Academy Board of Trustees


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