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We require that the child be five years old by September 15th. We look for our kindergartners to be independent and able to focus on a task for at least five minutes. Developmentally, these abilities usually occur during the fifth year of life, but there may be exceptions to this rule. We reserve the right to make the decision of acceptance based on the child’s ability.
Our students function on a schedule that is designed first by the classroom teacher and then approved by the Head of School. Students complete a 1-hour math instruction block, 2-hour block of literacy instruction and 45 minutes each of science and social studies. These periods of timed are “chunked” to ensure all students are adequately prepared to handle the work load. Students also receive 30-45 minutes of lunch, 30 minutes of daily free, active play and a 45-minute special area class each day. (PE, Martial Arts, Spanish, Art or Music)
Yes. Our kindergartens will have anywhere from 30-45 minutes of “brain rest” time. Some students choose to sleep, while others will rest on their mat and read a book. We believe that, developmentally, students still need time to “rest their brains” from an 8-hour school day. Our goal is to gradually decrease the time as the year progresses to prepare them for a full day in 1st grade.
Although we do have “homework” assignments we do not expect students to work on items in which they have not mastered. Our kindergarten students will not do written work outside of class unless a special project is assigned. Their main task is to read or practice sight words based on their literacy level.

Kindergarten- Reading only
1st- 2nd Grade- no more than 30 minutes total
3rd- 5th Grade- no more than 60 minutes total
6th Grade- no more than 60 minutes writing/assignment and 30 minutes of reading

Yes. Our students will have between 30-40 minutes of active, free play every day. This time is sacred and will not be taken away as a disciplinary action. Our students play mostly on the playground and grassy fields behind our cottages. In the event we have inclement weather, our teachers facilitate organized games in the cottages.
Yes. Our students are required to wear a Legacy polo (Gray, Navy, Pink or Burgundy) along with khaki or navy bottoms. Please review our parent handbook for a full review of our dress code policy.

We do have “no-uniform” days throughout the year.

Lunch is not a part of the tuition cost here at Legacy. We do have a partnership with Wholesome Tummies and students can order hot lunch options for daily delivery. Students can also pack their own lunch and snack.
No. Legacy is a “peanut-friendly” school, but not peanut-free. We make every effort to accommodate food allergies providing they aren’t extreme. If we feel that your child may be in danger due to our “peanut-friendly” policy, we will communicate that during the initial interview.
Common Core is a set of standards that determine what a student should know at each grade level. With that being said, YES we do use these standards as a guide for student mastery but we do not “teach directly to” these standards. We use Math in Focus- Singapore Math and Core Knowledge Language Arts as our road map to ensure all students are performing and progressing according to their ability. Teachers design lessons that address the needs of the individual student and class.
Yes, we have a full-time Spanish teacher and students receive instruction 1-2 times per week depending on their age.
We use a variety of options for technology infusion in the classroom. We have spent the first year assessing our main needs and plan to purchase additional items for next year. Each teacher is equipped with a laptop and LED TV for projection and interactive lessons. We also have a “Bring Your Own Technology” philosophy for educational app lessons, research projects, and media infusion. Our Upper School students are producers, directors and stars of Legacy News through Google Hangout.

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