Cliff Kinchen

Cliff Kinchen – Martial Arts & Leadership Development

Hello, my name is Cliff Kinchen, I’m a 5th Degree Black Belt and Owner of Kinchen Martial Arts in Cornelius, NC. I’m proud to be a partner of Legacy Leadership Academy. My role will be to develop a martial arts character development program to be integrated with Legacy’s traditional physical education program. In addition, I will develop an After School Martial Arts Training Program that will serve as a continuation of the daytime program.

I’m a retired 20 year Veteran of the U.S. Air Force; where I spent 13 years as an educator. I served my final five years as a trainer and ultimately Superintendent of one of the Air Force’s leadership training academies. My passion for Martial Arts goes back to my first class at the age of 12. There was something so inspiring about being strong of mind, body, and spirit, that has stuck with me all these years.

Through Martial Arts, I feel there’s nothing a person cannot do if they set their mind to it. Throughout my 20 year military career, I taught Martial Arts to students of all ages, the majority being children. I believe teaching children healthy lifestyle habits at an early age; will help serve them positively for the rest of their lives. After leaving the Air Force, I moved to the Charlotte area to teach leadership education at a CMS high school. In 2013, I decided to open Kinchen Martial Arts full time, after five years of teaching in the public school system.

My passion for the Martial Arts is only rivaled by my passion for Leadership. The lack of good leadership role models in our society prompted my personal quest to determine what made a good leader. This led me to earn a Master’s Degree with a concentration in Strategic Leadership. Through my experience as a senior leader in the Air Force and academic background, I strive to teach my Martial Arts Students and all with whom I have contact the attributes of good leadership.

I was introduced to Legacy Leadership Academy’s Board of Trustees earlier this year, and it became very apparent their vision for Legacy was aligned with my vision and passion for teaching leadership. By partnering with Legacy, I have been given the opportunity and responsibility of combining these two passions into a complimentary program that will help inspire students to strive to be the very best they can be.