Why Legacy?

    1. There’s more to education than a test

      • Testing is a part of accountability but is insufficient for measuring all a child is capable of
      • Testing will be used as a valuable tool to drive instruction
    2. Teacher Recruitment

      • All teacher selection is both quantitative and qualitative.
        • Quantitative: Gallup Teacher In Sight Survey and FIT Interview
        • Qualitative: Extensive one-on-one interviews
    3. School Climate and Culture

      • The Gallup Strengths are used to organize and engage staff members
      • Relationship building is an integral part of staff development and team planning
      • Internal leaders help mold and create the curriculum infrastructure, Leader in Me processes and Gallup Strengths Explorer initiatives
      • Common Language through Leader in Me & Gallup Strengths-Finder
    4. Personalized Learning

      • Teachers will function in Professional Learning Communities to better utilize their strengths as educators
      • Teachers will collaborate to design tiered instruction for varying levels of complexity
    5. Intimate Classroom Environment

      • The ability to develop experiential learning opportunities
      • Fosters a unique prospective for children to be able to make connections between the theories of learning and the applications in the real-world
    6. High Dollar Education for an Affordable Price

      • The classic liberal arts approach will be delivered at a higher level with the same amount of per-pupil spending as both charter and public schools. (What we believe education could be when done correctly)
    7. Unique School Experiences

      • The ability to actively engage in kinesthetic learning, real-world experiences, and on-going servant leadership relationships
    8. Strengths Identification and Implementation

      • Students will use the Strengths Explorer to identify their basic talents and develop those through various experiences
      • A common language will be created among students and staff to build better communication
    9. Sense of Purpose- Learn to make a Life, not a Living

      • Developing students to understand what a full life can be- fitness, academics, meaningful service
    10. Leading Minds on a Mission

      • Creating individuals who think, feel and act like leaders
      • Developing their natural talents to enhance not only their lives but the lives of others
      • Enhance, Engage & Embrace the ideas of what being a leader is all about