Each element on the Legacy Leadership Academy Logo holds a significant symbolism that shows the vision, principles and values of our school.

  • The Key represents the unlocking of the mind to greater knowledge.
  • The Lion represents the courage and strength that our students will discover within themselves as they face new challenges and trust in their abilities to learn new things.
  • The Chevron represents the faithful servant-leaders that each of our students will become. As they lose themselves in the service of others they will discover their own inner strengths.
  • The Horn represents the call to action of noble pursuits that each of our students will hear as they immerse themselves in servant-leadership.
  • The Shield represents the protection that our students will gain through knowledge.
  • The Star represents the guiding light that our students will become as they develop their unique talents, strengths and confidence to become leaders in their own right.
  • The colors Blue, Red, and Gold represent truth, loyalty, strength, generosity, and elevation of the mind.
  • The Torch represents the vision of education to provide hope and enlightenment to all students.