Can You Imagine?


Your little boy is your heart and soul. He is your everything…

He has lots of energy and is curious about almost everything that crosses his path. He loves to help others whenever he can.

Can you imagine him going to kindergarten and having a teacher that automatically recognizes the same strengths in him that you do? She sees him light up when he interacts with his peers. She sees him help the child who needs a friend. She recognizes his influence amongst his peers, and she asks him to lead the other students on a daily basis. She sees his caring nature as an opportunity to help the new students feel welcome, and the shy students feel included. As a result he begins, in kindergarten, to see that he can do great things.

Close up portrait of a ten year old girl, smiling up at the camera. Positive emotion

You’ve watched her grow for several years.

She still isn’t out of her little-girl stage of life, but you can see the beginnings of a young teenager coming through. It wasn’t too long ago that you were at this point too, and you begin to feel those old feelings of insecurity and self-doubt arise.

Can you imagine the sense of peace sweep over you when you know that she is amongst students who are concerned with filling the ‘emotional buckets’ of others and who seek first to understand before being understood?

little boy portrait in the park

Some of your best childhood memories were created at school with loving and engaging teachers.

It breaks your heart to see your child not share the same enthusiasm for school that you had. You can’t picture your life without the happiness that school brought you and you are eager for your child to be happy also. Your child used to scuffle his way out the front door with a frown on his face.

Can you imagine your excitement as he learns to be proactive and wake himself up and get dressed without being asked? Can you imagine the peace you feel as you see your child make the choice every day to be happy and to not let others influence his attitude?

You fight the battle daily to help your children use their time wisely.

Each day you hope for the time when they will do this on their own and without your promptings. Can you imagine your amazement as your child proactively starts a school project long before the night it is due?  Can you imagine them putting down the tablet, stepping away from the computer or TV to read, exercise, or do something they love?


One of your deepest desires for your children is that they will grow up strong and be self-confident in their abilities and strengths.

You would love for them to not have to wait until their 20’s, like you did, to know that they can do hard things. Can you imagine a school where the curriculum is rigorous, yet the students do not doubt themselves because every adult that interacts with them engages them in such a way that they are excited to learn?